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Votes and Quotes, Chapter 4: Letters to the editor

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Get a glimpse of the book,"Votes and Quotes; A Guide to Outstanding Eelction Campign Coverage," by previewing this sample chapter. Read it all here, or download a pdf here.
Premise: More newspapers restrict endorsement letters due to orchestrated writing campaigns. The problem must be addressed. But the exchange of ideas remains the lifeblood of editorial pages and the heart of newspapers.

Table of Contents, Votes and Quotes

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Introduction: Covering elections is a juggling act

Chapter 1: Setting the stage
Planning is the first step toward successful election coverage.

Chapter 2: Campaigns: From beginning to end
Covering a campaign well requires balance and consistency.

Chapter 3: Interviewing candidates
Preparation is key to successful, information-packed Q&As.

Chapter 4:
Letters to the editor

Table of Contents, Bad News and Good Judgment

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Introduction: Connecting with readers

Chapter 1: Foundation of the community press
Reporting all the news -- good and bad -- is the community newspaper's

Chapter 2: Developing a policy and making it known
Making the right decisions regarding sensitive stories is easier if you have policies in place.

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